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Riyadh: Monday 12th December, 2011

In my second post, (Muscat: Friday 9th December, 2011) I posed the question as to why, when western style Liberal Democracy has been a key component of the only two International powers to have effectively dominated the Globe in terms of military, economic, scientific and soft power, these being Britain and the United States, why this model is not either universally adopted by other countries, or, for that matter, considered to be necessary by a rising power such as China as it seeks to expand it’s global reach?

 In order to answer this complex question I have sought to examine the three powers’ in isolation comparing and contrasting their individual geopolitical circumstances in order to determine whether the variances in their Geographic size, landscape, geographic location and historical contexts are more important than a catch-all economic and social model.

 I propose to examine this question in the following order over the coming weeks (and possibly months):

  1. Geopolitical Overview of the British Isles (covering the land mass which currently includes both the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland – The reason for this is that any examination of the historical aspects of British Geopolitical development needs to take into account the fact that the British Isles is not a homogeneous ethnic or political entity and has in fact, only been a politically Unified country covering the whole of the British Isles between 1805 and 1922 – a shockingly short period of time).
  2. A geopolitical Overview of the United States (specifically focusing on key developmental similarities and departures from the British model).
  3. A geopolitical Overview of China (specifically focusing on key developmental similarities and departure from the British and American Models).
  4. Conclusions.

 The subject, however, is large and touches upon a number of specialism’s, many of which I am by no means an expert on.

 While I have a basic idea of where my research will take me, I cannot hope to have covered or read everything. Any help or feedback will therefore be invaluable.

 Similarly, if you feel I have not properly cited a source (which could concevably happen due to my books all being in a foreign country), please let me know. It will have been an honest mistake and I will disclaim accordingly if such is raised to my attention.

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